We say LaKaz, and Italians say Casa….


Introducing Casa Pizza, a traditional pizzeria established for more than twenty years on the island, they strive to bring the best to their customers: fresh and carefully selected products, a simple but entirely “homemade” cuisine! They cultivate their own aromatic herbs to flavor the dishes and desserts.

Casa Pizza is not only known for its service but also for the quality of pizza and salad they provide. They have unique pizza-like “La 4 Saisons”, “la Regina” and “La Florentin” with special ingredients such as artichoke.

There are 3 special types of salads to expect:

“Unique Exotic Salad” which consist of Salade, tomate, concombre, pomme verte, fruit exotique, menthe, basilic, piment,

“Salade de Chevre” Salade, tomate, crouton de chèvre chaud et miel, jambon de parme, amandes,

“Salade de Chef” which consist of Salade, tomate, jambon, œuf dur, mayonnaise, emmenthal

Besides the quality of food and the great service, the most attractive thing about La Casa pizza is how comfortable you feel there and how good the atmosphere is. They have a special place where even your pets are accepted. Being able to dine with our pet together is really the feeling of being home.

La Casa Pizza is situated at Complexe Cap Dale, Tamarin, Mauritius, and is nominated for the Mauritius Restaurant Awards 2021 as the best restaurant in Black River.



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