Five Unwritten Rules That People Need to Take Seriously


Social norms have been part of our socialisation since we were born. However, as time is evolving, and things are changing, there are unspoken rules that people need to learn to follow. So, here are five unwritten rules that you need to start taking seriously.

  1. Firstly, don’t question or criticise someone’s tattoo. If it does not imply anything to you, it does not mean that it is not significant to the other person. The story behind a tattoo can be personal, and if the person wants to keep it private, that is their problem. Moreover, don’t tell someone that he or she will regret their tattoos when they are older.
  2. Don’t tell someone to smile when they are clearly sad. You might not have any idea what that person is going through, and he or she might just put on a fake smile to please you, which could make things worse for them. Sometimes the best way to help someone is by giving them space or listening.
  3. Do not ask someone if their hair, nose, breast, or any other body parts are real. And you should definitely not ask if you can touch them. If a person wants you to know that they have done plastic surgery, they will let you know, otherwise, it is none of your business.
  4. It is rude to ask people about their finances. Questions like “how much money do you have?”, how much money do you make?” or “how much debt do you have?”  just shows how nosy you are. It makes the person and everyone else in the room feel awkward.
  5. Finally, it is never appropriate to comment or joke about someone’s appearance, especially if it is about things that they cannot change about themselves, like acne. It will only make them feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.

These are just five of the many unwritten rules that you should practice to not offend anyone. People are becoming more sensitive, and with social media platforms like Twitter, the cancel culture is more active than ever. Thus, improving ourselves on the ways we spoke to each other is essential to make sure everyone around us is at ease.


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