Ten Memorable Moments from Each Season of Friends

Friends is one of the most iconic TV Show ever aired. Millions of people from different generations still watch the show 17 years after its finale. The characters have engraved themselves in the heart of millions of people around the world. After years of anticipation and hope of a reunion episode, it is finally happening. There will be a special Friends reunion on HBO’s streaming service HBO to celebrate the sitcom’s 25th anniversary. So here are ten memorable moments from each season.


(Spoilers Alert)

  1. Season one is when we fell in love with all those friends, and this is also the season that got most of us hooked. I don’t think we can forget the first episode when Monica welcomed Rachel into the real world and made her roommate.
  2. In season two, episode 12, Monica and Rachel met the movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme, and they both competed for his attention, causing a rift between the two friends. It was pretty badass when Phoebe stepped in and stopped the two girls from fighting.
  3. The Thanksgiving episodes are usually the best, particularly in season three, when they had the Thanksgiving football game, and Monica and Ross competed for a troll doll trophy.
  4. Season four had a lot of ups and downs, especially with the wedding preparation of Ross and Emily’s wedding. Rachel also realised in this season that she still had feelings for Ross. The best moment though had to be when Monica and Chandler hooked up in London in the season finale.
  5. In season five, everyone had a different reaction when they found out about Monica and Chandler’s relationship. Nonetheless, the best reaction out of the four has to be Phoebe’s when she saw them having sex.
  6. The Thanksgiving episode was quite especially in season six, as Monica had to tell her parents about her relationship with Chandler, whom they did not appreciate too much. The unravelling of the secrets to Jody in 30 seconds has to be one of the funniest moment. Not to forget, Rachel putting beef in the English Trifle, and everyone had to pretend to like it.
  7. In season seven, the highlight has to be Chandler freaking out and running away before his wedding. Moreover, everyone thought Monica was pregnant as well.
  8. When Joey rushed pregnant Rachel to the hospital when she suffered from Braxton Hicks, Ross commented on how most women do not even feel it. Rachel’s response, “No uterus, no opinion”, was actually so epic.
  9. Rachel and Ross singing Baby Got Back to Emma to make her laugh in season nine, was hilarious, especially when the others saw them.
  10. Finally, in season ten, Phoebe changed her name to Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock after getting married to Mike. He then decided to changed his name to Crap Bag as well, and this bit had to be among the best moments of Phoebe.


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