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Rhista Badoye


We delve into Tipiks, the prime destination for Mauritius’s favorite fusion ‘Bouillon’

Mauritius favorite fusion ‘bouillon’ can be found at each corner of the island.  However, Tipiks is well established and has an amazing bistro concept...

Double Li brings Chinese delicacies to the forefront

Chinese delicacies always have a special place in our hearts, the tradition itself and its flavors never fail to amaze us. So you can...

When Irene’s Mother’s Heart Gift and Finest Oxford Crafts raising the bar in Mauritius

    Irene’s Mother’s Heart Gift and Finest Oxford Crafts are two parallel products owned by R.Domah and sons Limited. First of all, Irene’s Mother’s Heart...

Wine O’clock is my favorite Time!

Yes, that’s what I just said!  Wine, indeed such a legacy that has been thriving hearts over the previous decades until the present. Anyone...

2021………….. A year of transition for the hotel industry amid the pandemic?

Ever since the pandemic crashed the whole world in 2020, it’s been noted that the entire landscape of the hotel industry has been drastically...

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