”Ki pou manger?”


”Nous ale mange 1 Mine Bouille”, a trend which started after last year lockdown in Mauritius. Origin from East China the meal and normally cooked with boiling water, ”Mine Bouille” is popular in Mauritius and since last year with the help of social media, this fast-food meal gained a lot of demand among restaurants and snacks. ”Anou Partage Nou Partage Nou Mine Bouille” is a Facebook page where all Mauritians share their pictures of Mine Bouille they had all around Mauritius and through these posts, customers are encouraged to go and have a try. The page has by now more than 56K members and thousands of Mine Bouille pictures, social media has become a medium to share and promote food culture in Mauritius and this trend is on a rise, especially among youngsters. The fast-food culture is Mauritius has gain huge popularity over the years since at every corner in the country you will either find a restaurant, snack or fast-food outlet. Every type of cuisine is now available in Mauritius and yet Mauritians will prefer their ”Diri car” and some ”Roti” and ”Dhall Puri”.

Last year there was even an award given to Ajay Snack found at Quatre Bornes for ”Best Mine Bouille” nominated and voted by Facebook users and we can see that how social media has an impact on food culture in Mauritius, a simple Facebook group created by 2 Mauritian is now the source for where to find the best ”Mine Bouille”in Mauritius. This year at the Hungrynation festival, which is being held at L’embrasure le Morne, we will be hoping to see different cuisine where ”Mine Bouille” will be definitely there and it will be great to see different toppings added to the ”Mine Bouille”.

Whether the trend of “Mine Bouille” will continue or not, it is definitely having a major impact right now in the country and in Mauritian food culture where the popularity of this menu has gained huge recognition. For now, let’s go and check “Ki ena pou manger”.


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