Do you think Mauritian Artists have got what it takes to go global?


Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome the millennials and gen Y, it’s their time to shine now!  If there is one thing that binds our multiracial community together, then it is surely our Mauritian Music. Whether it is birthday parties, weddings or any particular events, the moment our Sega is on, you’ll find everyone on the dance floor!

It is amazing to see the increasing trend of emerging young artists in Mauritius such as Bigg Frankii, Baron, Bomboclak and many others. Breaking the traditional barriers, these young artists such as Big Frankii have accumulated massive fan following on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram with over 24K followers. Never before have humans been so connected and social media has been an incredible powerful marketing tool for artists, giving them channels to share their work with the world and to connect with them.

Songs like Cassi Cassa (4.2 Million views) and My One in a million (7.9 Million views) are among the top Mauritian hits on YouTube and having such numbers on an international platform like YouTube is no less than a major achievement for a Mauritian artist.

One another emerging platform is ‘Tik-Tok’ – which took the internet by storm with a large variety of short-form mobile videos. It was the number one most downloaded app in the world in July 2020, until it was recently banned in India. For the Mauritian population, this one is hard to miss if you are a regular online socialite! A number of youngsters have been using this medium to showcase their talents whether it is singing, dancing or acting via 15 to 30 second’s videos. For many of them, likes, follower counts and comments become a source of validation. “I have discovered so many new artists who inspire me every day just from their social media posts” one user quipped.


One has truly said that art and technology meet in unexpected places to create wonderful expressions of humanity and social media allowing people engagement has proven this right. The internet has opened up endless possibilities for Mauritian youngsters to promote their talents and while it may seem daunting, it really allows them to experiment and let their creativity run wild. The key to successfully promoting one’s talent in today’s world is to try new things, learn from past experience and fine tune them to your unique career. And just like our Mauritian jargon says” ou pa essayer, dimun in koz ou”!!!







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