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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Crocs Mauritius Joins the Mauritius Urban Music Awards as a Sponsor

In 2002, Crocs introduced the world to one of the most unique brands that anyone had ever seen: they were different and it made...

Mauritius artist Abel releasing banging new song “Trembler”

Things are looking up for Mauritius artists. Abel an artist hailing from the island has now inked a global management deal with international company...

The Evolution of Carnivals across the World

It is believed that the first carnival occurred in 1162 in Venice, Italy. It was to celebrate the victory of Venice over the Patriarch...

The new single “Brotha” hits on many levels

The duo that makes you think and engage with their music is back.  Yes, Los Musick & P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest have dropped a new...

Artist releases inspiring song ahead of Mothers Day..

Africa-born artists are certainly having a growing impact and influence on the Hip Hop world. One of those at its vanguard is DRAGG, the...

Do you think Mauritian Artists have got what it takes to go global?

Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome the millennials and gen Y, it’s their time to shine now!  If there is one thing that binds our...

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