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Where to eat the best Biryani (briye) in Mauritius?

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Biryani aka Briye is very popular among the locals as well as tourist in Mauritius. The Mauritian version Briyani is unique and very different compared to other countries like India. “Briye poule” also known as chicken biryani is the most famous one as it is cooked in every household in Mauritius. Briyani legume or “poule” is specially cooked for events like wedding, parties and prayers in Mauritius. I always fall short of adjectives when I have to describe a delicious biryani. The aroma infused by the spices and onions making the briyani delicious, the ghee adding richness to the chicken and the underlying taste of mint is heavenly. This article is specially for all “manzer briyani”; find out my top 4 picks of the best places to eat Briyani in Mauritius!

Stardeg Briani (Port Louis)

This Indian restaurant makes one of the tastiest briani in Mauritius, it is located at Port Louis (near shell station). They also produce their own spices known as Stardeg and is widely sold in supermarkets. Stardeg restaurant is also nominated for the Best Restaurant  in Port-Louis at the Mauritius Restaurant Awards happening on the 27th of March 2021. The chicken briyani are mouth-watering with its “pomme de terre” next to it…. Yummm. If you are a biryani lover Stardeg is a perfect place for you.

Pyramid Briani Mahebourg

The first place that comes into my mind for some delicious briyani in Mahebourg is at Pyramid Briani. It is a restaurant that specialises mainly in chicken biryani and kebab. You won`t regret going there as it is worth every penny even the quantity is more than enough. They serve “briyani” with its “satini pomme d`amour” which makes it more delicious. Their chicken biryani is among the best in Mauritius.

Briani House

This restaurant is located inside the same building as Super U in Flacq. They make tasty Briyani using veggies, chicken, fish or lamb. The juicy meat and flavoured rice are out of the world and it is a must to eat. The quantity is HUGE!! Also, the price is affordable and worth every penny.

Briani Delights

It is the first “Briyani” restaurant in Beau Bassin since 2002 and they serve “briyani” poulet, “poisson” and “boeuf”. You will find tasty “briyani” at a reasonable price, the quantity of biryani is huge and the pieces of meat are generous and very tender. This place is legendary in Beau Bassin when it comes to serving mouth-watering briyani. The marinated meat and spices are on another level and you people should give it a try!

“When life hits you hard, hit it back with biryani.” Here are my top places where you can eat a delicious and mouth-watering biryani. Comment and share your favourite “baz” where you prefer eating Biryani…









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